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Oct. 16th, 2012


Sad day

Woke up this morning with yet another headache (darn weather changes).  Came down and was checking on FB.  Saw I had a message from one friend to call her this morning.  We've been playing phone-tag, so I didn't think anything of it.  Reading through my newfeed I see a post from another friend (his sister is one of my best friends - been friends for 32 years). His mom had died.  I had to wait an agonizing 28 minutes to call the first friend to confirm it.  I was able to hold it together for most of the morning, but as the day goes on it's getting harder and harder.

My heart goes out to Kim and Pete.  I can't even imagine what they are going through. First Dad and now Mom.  Sue was my "other" mom. From the time I was 12 years old, I called her Mom. She was there, a big part of my teenage years.  Even after all these years, she was still Mom. And now she's gone. It's not totally unexpected, she's had lots of health issues.  I just hope she's at Peace now and has her arms around Dad.  She's missed him so much. 

Now if only could get these tears under control before everyone gets home from work.

Sep. 17th, 2011



My husband rocks!  So does my youngest daughter.  Between the three of us, we really worked hard to get the kitchen ready to go for the weekend work, plus my husband has painted the walls green and all of the cupboard fronts and drawers (white) already today.  Need to run to Home Depot for a few things and we still need to paint all of the cupboard doors, but not bad at all! 

We picked out a green for the kitchen - so far, I'm not loving it.  At all.  But I'm stuck with it for now.  We'll see if it grows on me.  Maybe once we have the kitchen all finished and put back together and decor hung up.  But it is much lighter and brighter in the kitchen already.  Too bad the stove hood and the dishwasher are cream colored.  But, we're going to live it till either the kitchen remodel happens or the dishwasher breaks down. 

Still to be done: paint the cupboard doors, bring in the new pantry and get it installed, add tiles to the floor around it (if necessary), put everything away, install new light fixture and hang up decor. 

But first we're going to go out and do some errands.  Including getting some allergy meds for me, hopefully.  And maybe a nap?  I'd love a nap.   And then later we have to go out to Newington to look at a new dining room table. 

Jan. 22nd, 2011


Writer's Block: Timeless tales

What were your favorite books as a child, and why?
My favorite books as a child - just about anything I could get my hands on. Poems, fairy tales, Disney, horses, etc. My first fulllength novel was Anne of Green Gables when I was in 2nd grade. My mom was just humoring when I asked to buy it at the book fair. I read the entire thing, occasionally asking her what certain words meant. My mom read the same book when she was in 11th grade.

Jan. 3rd, 2011


A New Year, New and Old Resolutions

Yup, it's that time of year again.  Time to make the Resolutions for 2011.  Some old resolutions, some new ones.  :-)

1. Birthdays - this is an old one.  Send birthday cards to family members. 

2. Write a letter a month (new one).  Pick one person a month and send them a handwritten letter.

3. Eat better, move more - definitely an old one.   We've been working on this for a while and really need to up the "move more" aspect.  :-)

4. Declutter and organize.  This has a double benefit, we'll have more room, and we'll have to put less stuff in storage when we put this house on the market this Spring.  And less to unpack at the new house (if things go well and we can sell/buy this year!).

5. Learn how to do cable knitting.

6. Learn how to follow a pattern for knitting.

7. Use up yarn in my supply before buying more.  Can you say presents for next Christmas?  :-D

I think that's about it for 2011.  Do-able, definitely do-able.  :-D

So, I guess I better get some cleaning done in my office.  I have some scroll work to do and I'm going to be missing several days this month where I can't get any scrolls done because of being away.  Traveling every weekend or nearly every weekend), including a trip to Florida and back again.  :-)

Dec. 22nd, 2010


For Fun...

On the twelfth day of Christmas, lilachill sent to me...
Twelve athenasdreams drumming
Eleven harpduchess piping
Ten lucanusduxs a-leaping
Nine gkingsleys dancing
Eight scribaleilis a-laughing
Seven twistdprincesses a-scribing
Six revolos55s a-scrapbooking
Five gi-i-i-irlygothics
Four aminahfiddlers
Three baronessmarthas
Two cellach_codexs
...and a cheese in a pear tree.
Get your own Twelve Days:

Aug. 8th, 2010



This past week has flown by! We've been very busy. Tonight is the Yooka Party here in VDK. Two nights ago der Kriegers sponsored a beerlympics. Been doing some shopping. The Great Hall looks absolutely awesome! And Yana and her Elves decorated the Dining Hall, too. Gonna post lots of pics after War.

Jul. 28th, 2010


On Your Mark, Ready, Set, Go.....

Crazy busy for the next couple of days, but not stressful.  Lots of little errands and all the last minute packing and of course, laundry.  Want to try and get all of the little things packed for Pennsic today, plus do some banking, Curves, Post Office and an oil change.  Think we're going to treat ourselves to dinner out tonight.  Tomorrow night is a roast dinner.  :-)

I better skedaddle.  Lots of stuff to do!

May. 21st, 2010

Dancing Coconut Head


What a day!  Errands, shopping, cleaning, cooking.   My legs and feet ACHE.  Knees aren't doing so bad, o figure!  But the house is mostly presentable.  Dinner is 95% done.  A bunch of stuff is ready for the party tomorrow.  All I want to do is crawl into bed and take a nap now.    My mom, my mother in law and my dad all took a train together from Buffalo.  Of course, their train has been delayed.  It should be getting in anytime now, just 45 minutes late.   Then it's a 30-40 minute car ride to get here.  I plan on having dinner ready for when they walk in the door. 

At some point this evening, we need to take stuff outside, maybe set some stuff up.  Then beds need to be made up.  Eventually we'll be able to relax.  Tomorrow shouldn't be too bad.  I made up two egg bakes for breakfast - just have to reheat them in the morning.  Set up the pavilion, the EZ Up, tables, get out all of the chairs, move the firepit and the swing, put out some decorations, run and buy balloons (just a few to put on the one gate),ice and get the second propane tank filled.  Stil to be done food-wise tomorrow will be the making of the fruit salad, slicing up onions and tomatoes, making up veggies trays, etc.  

I think Monday will be a quiet relaxing day, I hope.  I plan on sleeping in, oh wait can't do that.  My father and my mother in law will be leaving at 7 a.m. for C to drive them to Albany to catch the train back to Buffalo.  Hmmm, maybe Monday afternoon I will have a nice nap.  A girl can dream, can't she?

May. 6th, 2010


Taking Pictures

So yesterday, I took some pictures of stuff in the gardens. So of them came out pretty good. Need to get outside before all the blooms are gone on the purple lilacs.

Here's a pic of white lilacs...

A fun shot of my new silly gnome that Mr. C bought me the other week...

And it's nice to see the creeping phlox filling in the garden....

A and I watched The Losers today.  It was enjoyable.  Jeffrey Dean Morgan - YUM.  What more can I say?   We also picked up some plants at Lowes.  I think I might have hit the gardening spending limit for this year.  *fingers crossed*  I think the driveway garden might be finished.  Whoo-hoo!  After this it's just weeding and upkeep and watching the plants fill in the empty spaces.   I lurves perennials, I do.  :-)

Tomorrow is a busy day, but not too bad.  Gonna be an early start though since I have to leave the house about 8:20 a.m.  ack 

Apr. 16th, 2010



Scroll is finished!  yay! Took a little longer than I would've liked, but it's done.  Just waiting for it to dry so I can turn it over, write on the back and package it up for delivery.  I also need to do a write-up for my notes. 

Today has been a pretty productive day - started the laundry (2 loads done, 4 to go), took the van for an oil change, picked up a few things at the grocery store, started dinner in the crockpot and finished the scroll.  Now I do need to finish that laundry and make rice and veggies to go with dinner,  oh and I need to get ready for Balfar's Challenge tomorrow.  Not sure what I'm going to wear.  Something warm, that's for sure! 

I think tonight I will pull out some banners and start ironing those while we watch some tv.  I have 6 or 7 to iron.  Sunday, it's back to working on the banners.  :-)  Need to get the rest of them done.  It would be awesome to have the remainder done by next Friday. 

Well, back to grindstone.  Better to get stuff done so I can relax this evening.  :-D

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